Ah, to be a gamer…

So everyone likes some kind of video game. Even the guys and gals who never really got the whole video game craze remember Aladdin on SNES, or they love the rhythm kung-fu on Wii Fit.  I remember when the Wii first came out, in fact, and my grandmother had bought one for herself before she even considered getting one for me.

Apparently she's not the only one.

So it’s not the generation you’re from, it’s what you want out of a game. My dad had 2 Level 85 characters on World of Warcraft, and played EVE for at least a year to boot. It’s not that he’s a gamer; he just found his niche. Everyone has one, even if they don’t yet know it. Doesn’t make ’em a gamer.

But I’m a gamer. I’m not a guy who doggedly follows every update from their favorite company, preorders both Poke’mon (insert color/precious stone here) and Poke’mon (insert opposing color/precious stone), just because I want to trade starters and catch all 17-and-a-half legendary Poke’mon. That’s not my bag, but I’m still a gamer. I know the industry, I know the types of games, I’ve played them, I’ve loved them, and most importantly, I’ve figured out what it is about games that makes me love them, and what makes me FINISH them.

So the final question is: Why read my blog? I am… just another gamer! I probably don’t have a job, I think that full-completing Contra on hard without losing a life is the best item on my resume, and I have two CD holders for the old Playstation games: one for miscellaneous games, and one for those infernal 4-disc Final Fantasy games (okay, I actually do have at least 2 CD holders, but I swear the other ones are just jokes…). The reason you should read it is because of everything I’ve said above: that there’s a game out there for every person, that they’ll love and they’ll feel good about loving. And chances are, I’ll talk about that game sooner or later, and introduce you to 10 more that you’ll get your money’s worth out of before you find the perfect fit.

But if you love games already? There’s plenty for you as well. Nothing is sacred. I’m going to tackle every kind and aspect of every game, whether it’s for PC, handhelds, the big 3 consoles, or the retro games we all knew and loved growing up (no matter when [or if] you grew up).

God, introductions are boring, aren’t they. You get the picture. Read the next post! You know you want to.

~Another Gamer


About Isaac Smith

I write about music, technology, video games, and probably many other subjects that don't bear mentioning here. Either way, most of it's worth reading, and you may even enjoy yourself!

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  1. I’ve always found that there are many different definitions of the word Gamer depending on who you ask. Most people automatically picture pale, gangly basement dwellers who are afraid to see the light but I’ve found that most of my friends that game (most especially the hard-core gamers) hold down very steady jobs and have families and still managed to be up on all the latest games as well as the vintage ones. I love gaming, I always have and I think it’s great when new people discovery something they like about gaming even if they’re not really all that into it.

    • You’re absolutely right 🙂 Gamers have a reputation for being very introverted, but I only use the term to make a distinction between the people who play 1 game and love it versus the people who know a lot about video games in general, like the people who played Poke’mon Blue, who had an SNES and those old games, and who still plays different games today.

      It’s a broad crowd, but I think it’s cool if we call them gamers anyway 😀

      • Oh definitely…I love having gamers around of all different aspects. It’s gotten to be such a broad concept that there are what I would consider subsections of the genre now. Casual gamers, hard-core gamers, mobile gamers….the list goes on and on. It’s great for the industry as well, as there are new opportunities for designers, programmers, and artists opening up all over the place to meet the demands of a widening marketplace.

      • Agreed! Gaming has started to fill a LOT of different niches in people’s entertainment needs. It’s kind of completely awesome, because now a lot more people understand the FIX gamers get when they play.

        Err… when WE play. 😀

  2. Good day! I simply want to give you a huge thumbs up for the excellent
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    • Hey bist du Deutscher? (oder Österreicher?) Ich hab dein Blog kurz gelesen! Steht coole Sachen dran. Ich interessiere mich ganz viel für den Blickpunkt der deutschen (bzw Europäischen) Gamers.

      Ich hoffe, dass du meine Posts weiter liest und daß du immer noch schreibst!

      AG 😀

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