Another look at classic gamine through the lens of the new Mario Kart 7. Let’s be honest, everyone loves Mario Kart. And just in case that’s not enough:


Today, we’re looking at the origin of the Mario Kart series, so that we can see how everything has changed over time. Super Mario Kart came out in 1992, two decades ago. I don’t remember getting this game, I simply remember having it as a young child, and I played it quite a bit with my older brother. I’m going to do my best to be objective, but I can’t promise that I will be able to keep nostalgia totally out of this.

Super Mario Kart was a break from the norm for racing games in many ways. The races took place on gimmicky tracks and had items that allowed you to trip up your opponents, and generally had less emphasis on the fast-paced driving action of its peers, settling in an area that I would characterize as anti-competitive. Sure, you wanted to win, but sometimes you might be more…

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    Here’s the YouTube link

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