This blog is gonna be GOOD.

No, I’m just kidding. As if I didn’t spend enough time making awful jokes, bad puns, and groan-inducing plays on words. Unfortunately for you all (actually, unfortunately for mostly me), it’s my day off. I’m a college student. Finals week is almost here. Most people in my boat would say, “Dude, you still have hours you spend SLEEPING, right? Stop wasting them and do something productive, man.” Apparently most people in my boat sound like they’re stoned all the time (a relatively accurate assumption).

So. I think you folks just deserve a game or two for checking in on the blog. You folks are what make me wanna keep doing it (even when I’m stupidly busy). Good news is, in a week or so, I’ll be home free (and Diablo 3 will be out, so I’ll have plenty to chat about). I bet you can’t wait till then. Better dust off your reading glasses, it’s gonna be good!

~Another Gamer


The Enchanted Cave: It’s a cave that’s enchanted. And you’re the blue guy.

The Enchanted Cave is one of a genre of games that basically present you with a very difficult dungeon, and an unlimited amount of tries to get through that dungeon, but each time you go through, you collect resources and items that make your next try more successful. It’s fun. Addictive, and fun. Enchanting, you could say (but please, don’t say).







Music Catch 2: I guarantee, you aren’t missing any key plot events by starting with the 2nd one.

Music Catch 2 is a game where your level is basically a song, and the notes you have to catch are produced by the beautiful, soothing music the programmers wrote just for you. Nevermind that you’re waving your mouse around like a psychopath, it’s soothing and you know it. Enjoy. 😀


About Isaac Smith

I write about music, technology, video games, and probably many other subjects that don't bear mentioning here. Either way, most of it's worth reading, and you may even enjoy yourself!

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