Gamedev’s Delight!

Hey, folks! You’ll notice that I didn’t make a post on Monday! (Why’s that, Mr. Another Gamer sir?) Well, it’s because I’m no longer going to be posting on Mondays! And, if by some off chance you ask “Why’s that” again, then I would tell you it’s because I’m going to be in Germany for the next year. That’s right, ladies and gents (as if there were any chicks who read my blog), I’m studying Music Design abroad at a school in Trossingen, Germany.

Thar she blows!

Which, of course, means I’ll have plenty of stuff to blog about that doesn’t involve me sitting in my room, staring at a screen all day! And that’s what I’ll be writing about on Mondays. Now, since that’s totally irrelevant to ANYTHING video game-y, let’s move on!

Calling all gamedevs, 3D Modelers, artists, programmers, sound designers, and other members of video-game-related professions (and their wannabes)!The world of making games is hard to get into. If you’ve ever seriously tried, you know it takes a ton of time, effort, and an immense amount of luck. And are there any books or reference materials as to how to go about doing that? NOPE. Nosiree! “Making video games and gettting into this godforsaken industry For Dummies” is a little bit outdated already. I was watching a graduation speech given by Neil Gaiman (who rocks my world, btw), saying something to the effect of, “The next generation is lucky, because the way you make your name known and distribute your work is constantly changing!” And all I could think of is, “Yeah, and it’s so great that we’re going to have NO ONE with any frickin’ clue how to help us with it.”

So, getting your foot in the door is tough. And even when you do, your foot may be crushed by the weight of the door. Also, failure. There are a million other people out there who want to be doing what you do, and then, all of a sudden, your company goes belly-up, or gets a score of 8/100 on Happens all the time. “So, Mr. Another Gamer sir, why are you being such a Debbie Downer, a Negative Nancy? Is there a light at the end of this tunnel filled with horse manure?”

Yes! Yes there is! The best advice I’ve gotten to date about how get into the industry of making video games is simply this: “To get into the game-creating industry, you have to make games.”

That’s really crappy advice. I mean, if you can take it, that’s fabulouso for you and all that, but it’s not like a gamedev opportunity is going to fall into your lap. But there’s great news! There are a lot of ways to hedge your bets. You can get yourself out there, and there actually ARE people who can help you do it. If you have a great deal of time and are interested in how to help yourself get gigs, watch this video. It has totally changed my outlook on getting myself ahead in a very competitive industry.

46 minutes later, your mind has been blown, you’ve created a new WordPress blog for your portfolio, and you’re calling Kinko’s to see if you can get business cards with a QR code. Good for you!

For those of you who have the attention span of an unmedicated goldfish, the video stresses the importance of creating an online portfolio with several things:

Your work. Duh. But not just any work. Your BEST work, your recent work, the work you want to represent you. It must be presented in an easy-to-understand fashion, and must be readily accessible.

Your bio. Let people know who you are, where you came from, what you do, and how much you love video games. It helps.

Your older or personal work. This is for people who are interested in a more complete picture of you. You have more freedom here, but still, make it work that is somewhat representative of the skill you have in your field!

Your resume. It’s important. Put stuff on it that is relevant. Yep.

Your contact information. Name, email, LinkedIn profile, Cell number. The LinkedIn profile is a MUST! Many gamedevs simply troll LinkedIn to find the people they need. And, of course, there’s a reason for the phone number. It’s another very simple way to get ahold of you. If someone wants to talk to you and they don’t want to wait for you to respond via your Hotmail account or whatever, they can call you. Don’t worry about people crank calling you. It’s not like people are mean on the internet! Hah.

Other stuff in the video tells you about the awesomeness of online networking. Getting your stuff seen, whether it’s art, or music, or games themselves, is more than just having a resume. Forums like DeviantArt or help people notice you. Check them out!

Anyway, that’s the basic gist of the video. He has a lot more experience than me, and is a lot more successful than I am, so obviously he states it with more eloquence and believability. In other words… watch the frickin’ video if you care!


Yep. That’s about it! I figure, while I’m sure my main purpose in life is to bring you entertainingly sarcastic quips and addictive flash games, you might appreciate something useful now and then.

~Another Gamer




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