How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb-omb

Mario/Dr. Strangelove crossover? Dr. Strangeario? I could see potentially disastrous gameplay choices.

I’m sorry if you don’t get it. Google’s your friend.

I’ve been swamped this week. The Festival of New American Music is coming up faster than I’d like, and I’m having a piece premiered there (that I haven’t quite polished off all the rough edges on), and I’ve spent my entire weekend working on it. And today. And this evening, probably.

This means three things: one is that either I’ll be dead by Friday or I’ll be finished with the darned music, leaving me room and time to blog. The second thing is that (obviously) I haven’t been keeping up on the Video Games and Learning course as well as I should be, and I’ve fallen a bit behind on everything. The third thing that follows is that (obviously) today’s blog post won’t incorporate any of the delightful stuff that I haven’t learned.


All in all, I’m still a very happy guy (and you should be too, unless you’re a very happy girl… or pan-gender person). Terraria got a huge huge huge update that made me feel like I got a whole new game for free, and the 2nd game was recently announced as well. Skyrim would be engrossing if I had enough time for it, and I’ve spent a couple of minutes each day exploring the endgame content of Recettear: An Item Shop’s Tale. (By the way, I’m sure you know Skyrim is great, but Terraria and Recettear you may not have heard of. They are worth every penny and about two thousand pennies more. I promise that you won’t forget the quick wit, addictive gameplay and deep story of Recettear, and I promise that you WILL forget to do things like sleep, eat, use the restroom, and have social contact if you dig into Terraria.)

That pun was intended.



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I write about music, technology, video games, and probably many other subjects that don't bear mentioning here. Either way, most of it's worth reading, and you may even enjoy yourself!

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