What I’m About

This blog is about video games. It’s about which ones are good, which ones aren’t so good, and what makes each of them such. It’s about how video games came to be popular, and how they came to be what they are today, from their levels to their gameplay to their very appearance. I mean, seriously, a good video game is (and always has been) a work of art. And while doing all of this serious, lofty, deeply philosophical discussion, I like to have a pretty good time. I think that there’s a game or genre of games that everyone will enjoy, and if you want to begin the search for it (and have fun while doing it), then I think your place is here. I know mine is 🙂

Feel free to advise, criticize, ramble, or just plain comment on anything you see, or would like to see here. I love suggestions, I love people letting me know what they like, dislike, and would like on here.

I’m just another gamer, it’s true. But I might know something you don’t. And doesn’t that make it worth reading?


~Another Gamer

    • Hey, thank you so much! I’m not really writing it much as of late (because I’m in Germany and I can’t really write until I have time to settle down). I’ve been playing a lot of games and there will be more blogs incoming! I just haven’t internet at my residence right now. In 4 weeks, there will be more! Thanks again for the nomination.

      • You’re very welcome! I did read about your move — what an incredible journey to take! Good luck with your studies, and with blogging (when the timing is right). 🙂

  1. Classical Gaming

    Hey man, it looks like you got hacked ;_;

    • Thank you so much. It’s been a pretty hectic trial trying to get back into my account, but I managed it. Thanks again! Stupid phishing scams. I don’t know what I clicked on, but it really screwed me up.

      • Classical Gaming

        No problem. Always remember to back up your files just in case. My friend learned it the hardway- lost 2 years of posts due to some crazy phishing thing I get so nervous that something is going to happen and I’ll lose like, years of work.

        Anyhow, glad you got it back! Cheers!

  2. Hi AGB,

    I’ve been working on a new 3D browser based space game called Cimmerian Space, it’s really looking great and nearly ready to launch on Facebook, I thought that this is something which you might be interested in covering on your site. I’ve put together a press release which you can download as a PDF from this link: http://www.cimmerian-space.com/press/Cimmerian%20Space%20Kickstarter%20Press%20Release.pdf

    I’d really appreciate any coverage and am also available for further comment, info etc. Thanks for taking a look, please let me know if you are decide to run a press release.

    Ricky Pitcher

    F3D Games Ltd

    • I would love to review your game! However, I am going to be expressing my opinion and I won’t give you a positive review simply out of the kindness of my heart. I owe it to myself and my readers.

      If that’s okay with you, then I’ll go right ahead. If not, I’ll review the game when it comes out.

      Let me know!

  3. Hi there,

    We would love your review of the game, but let us be clear we are not Star Citizen, this is a lightweight 3D browser game that should run happily on a laptop, download in seconds, and we hope next year be on your tablet. The game is in HTML5/WebGL/facebook genre so please weigh against other comparable games.

    Having said that the game hasnt yet gone to beta and we would appreciate any feedback on things you think we can improve before we go public. We hope to raise funds via kickstarter for these very improvements. Please include the kickstarter link in your review:

    If you would like a Skype demo so you can see for yourself and chat with the games creator we can arrange that for you.

    Ricky Pitcher

    F3D Games Ltd

    • Will do. I don’t think the Skype demo is necessary. Without being able to play it myself, I think the gameplay and teaser trailers on the kickstarter are more than enough to get me started. If you have any gameplay stills that I wouldn’t have to screencap off youtube, that would also be great. Just email them to me at isaac4266@gmail.com.


  4. So nearly a year later, I’m baaaack…with another award for you. No joke, keep writing, keep having fun. 😀


    • Thanks, Cary. Yours is one of my favorites, too 🙂 I’d nominate you for the same award, but frankly I don’t have 9 other blogs I feel are up to snuff in the gaming genre… guess I’d better do some more looking!

      Keep writing, I always need something to read and get inspired by 🙂

  5. Hi , please can you give a new game a review??. I think this is something you maybe intrested in putting on your site. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=cadaeic.studios.astrofighters.lite&hl=en

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